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Basic knowledge to know before building cold storage

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At present, the mainstream food processing includes the following categories:

1. Wild products: such as red beans, blueberries and other wild fruits; Fern, monkey scratch and other wild vegetables. This kind of product has a relatively large sugar content in wild fruits, which is slightly higher than the quick freezing configuration load. Other categories can be configured normally. The cold storage tonnage is designed according to the standard 0.4-0.6.

2. Slaughtering and processing of pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks and geese:

Such cold storage and quick freezing storage can be designed according to the standard, with quick freezing storage and quick freezing line, and the storage tonnage of cold storage is designed according to the standard.

3. Cooking food: (such as quick-frozen sticky corn, quick-frozen potato chips, etc.)


The load of this category is large, so pre cooling can be considered in the design, or quick freezing mode can be configured according to the process, and the cold storage is designed according to the standard 0.5-0.9.

Preparation before construction:

1. Sales investigation or market tracking:

Frozen food processing is a high threshold industry in the early stage, involving civil construction, cold storage design, quick freezing processing, food pretreatment (cleaning, segmentation, pretreatment process and equipment), cold chain transportation, food sources and other links, which requires high capital.

2. Site selection and architectural design:

The site needs to consider the convenience of processing, the universality of employment, the rationality of buildings, etc. Cold storage is different from ordinary buildings and requires special design. The biggest difference between the cold storage and ordinary buildings is to maintain the low temperature in the cold storage. Therefore, it is necessary to consider and decide in advance which way to use for the thermal insulation of the initial storage and provide it to the architectural design institute. At present, the mainstream includes rigid polyurethane warehouse board, on-site polyurethane foam or XPS foam insulation sandwich board.

3. Design of cold storage process and peripheral supporting process: (you can consult Xuelong Refrigeration about the formalities required for the cold storage you installed)

According to the latest regulations on special equipment, the refrigeration equipment and pipeline need to be designed by a professional unit with special equipment (pressure pipeline) design qualification, and the refrigeration equipment and process pipeline shall be selected according to the scheme. The peripheral supporting process shall be carried out together with the architectural design. If the architectural design unit has the qualification of special equipment (pressure pipeline), the overall process design can be completed at the same time.

4. EIA and project approval:

Generally, large processing enterprises need to carry out this project according to the requirements, while small and medium-sized enterprises can carry out the project approval and inspection according to local requirements.

5. Equipment procurement, installation and commissioning:

General boilers, refrigeration processes, elevators and other special equipment need to be registered and approved in advance. After installation, they can be put into operation after inspection and certificate issuance.