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What is the solution to the lack of lubricating oil in the operation of refrigeration compressor?

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Solution to the cause of large oil consumption of refrigeration compressor

Analysis of split piston refrigeration compressor and screw refrigeration compressor:

A: Reasons and solutions for the failure of the piston compressor with increased oil consumption:

1. Refrigerant liquid entering crankcase during operation: turn down or temporarily close the suction stop valve and liquid supply throttle valve.

2. The sealing ring, oil scraper ring or cylinder of the compressor are worn: check and replace if necessary.

3. Too high oil pressure: check the oil pressure gauge display and reduce the oil pressure.

4. Low oil separation efficiency or blocked oil return pipeline: check and handle.

B: The reason and treatment for the fault of the increased oil consumption of the screw refrigeration compressor:

1. Refrigerant liquid enters the oil separator during operation: turn down the suction stop valve and the liquid supply throttle valve or temporarily close them or readjust the working conditions.

2. The oil return valve at the outlet of the oil separator is closed or the filter is blocked: open the oil return valve or clean the filter screen.

3. The system oil temperature is too low: adjust the working condition or start the oil heating.

4. For Freon system, refrigerant and lubricating oil are highly miscible. The refrigerant oil escapes to the evaporator due to low suction pressure and other reasons

Quite common: adjust the working condition and suck the lubricating oil at the low pressure end into the screw refrigerator.