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Common sense of selection and use of food quick freezing machine

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Use of various quick freezers:

① Flat mesh belt type quick freezing machine: suitable for meat, conditioned food, aquatic products, dishes, ice cream, etc. It is a basic universal quick freezing machine. Its output ranges from 100kg/h to 3000kg/h.

② Multi functional vibrating mesh belt quick freezing machine: dynamic device is added on the basis of general plane mesh belt single quick freezing machine. In addition to the characteristics of the general plane mesh belt type monomer quick freezing machine, it is also applicable to the freezing of granular food monomer.

③ Tunnel type precooling quick freezing machine: creatively combine precooling and quick freezing into one to save energy. It is especially suitable for high temperature incoming food, cooked food and fast cooling food.

④ Tunnel type multi-layer mesh belt quick freezing machine: applicable to products with small floor area and long freezing time.

⑤ Tunnel reciprocating quick freezing machine: applicable to small floor area, long freezing time and reprocessed products in the process.

⑥ Tunnel type plate and belt quick freezing machine: applicable to quick freezing of aquatic products.

The composition of general quick freezing machine is as follows:

Tunnel type continuous quick freezing machine is mainly composed of tunnel body, evaporator, fan, material rack or stainless steel transmission mesh belt. The quick-frozen materials are placed in each layer of sieve tray or mesh belt of the material rack to pass through the tunnel, and the air is cooled through the evaporator, then sent into the tunnel to flow between the materials for quick freezing. The operation method of freezing materials is the same as that of tunnel counter current drying equipment; The flow direction of cold air and materials in the tunnel is opposite.


Precautions for selection:

According to the quick freezing situation of the enterprise, the style of quick freezing products, the equipment model and the supporting unit of the refrigerator shall be selected according to the design and the quick freezing machine supplier. Whether the cold section is selected or whether the pre cooling room is made separately, the workshop should be designed according to the style of the quick freezing machine, and equipped with supporting facilities such as cleaning, defrosting and water supply.