With the rapid development of Internet technology, it has provided us with a fast communication channel with friends inside and outside the province. I sincerely hope that this website can better serve as a bridge for Dalian Ruixue refrigerator users to communicate and cooperate with the factory in a timely manner!

"People-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, first-class products, first-class service" is our purpose. Depending on your needs, it is the successful experience of the continuous development of Dalian Ruixue Refrigerator with a history of more than 60 years.

We firmly believe that we will find what you need by virtue of the technical talent advantages of the original state-owned secondary enterprises. It is our consistent pursuit to carefully design the products required by each customer.

The products in the frozen market are very different. Finding products that meet your requirements, meet your budget, and meet your after-sales service is the premise for us to reach a consensus.

Only on this basis can we build mutual trust, which is the basis for our next step. Perfect cooperation is our common pursuit.

Advocating people-oriented, people are the most valuable wealth in the world, and respecting talents and knowledge is the guarantee for the continuation of our projects.

Through this acquaintance and cooperation, we will lay the foundation for better contact with more friends. On behalf of Heilongjiang Office of Dalian Ruixue Refrigerator Co., Ltd., I'd like to welcome your visit and cooperation, starting from your telephone number----