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Centralized air conditioning scheme: all air handling equipment (fans, filters, heaters, coolers, humidifiers, refrigeration units, etc.) are centralized in the air conditioning room, and are composed of refrigeration units (chillers or chillers as designed), heat pumps, air-conditioning cold and hot water circulation systems, cooling water systems, and terminal air handling equipment, such as air handlers, fan coils, etc. After being treated by the heat exchanger, the air is sent to each air conditioning room by the air duct or air conditioning water pipeline. The air system directly supplies air and returns air, and the water system supplies air indirectly through the fan coil system.

Scheme Configuration

◎ Air conditioning system composition: cold and heat source equipment+air conditioning terminal+cooling tower

◎ Cold source: electric refrigeration unit and lithium bromide absorption chiller are usually used

[Electric refrigeration units are divided into]

◎ Piston type water chiller (48Kw~476Kw)

◎ Start screw chiller (250Kw~2200Kw)

◎ Semi closed screw chiller (140Kw~1650Kw)

◎ Centrifugal chiller (1025Kw~7034Kw)

◎ Air cooled chiller (150Kw~740Kw)

[Lithium bromide units are divided into]

◎ Vapor lithium bromide absorption chiller (70RT~2500RT)

◎ Direct fired lithium bromide absorption chiller/heater (100RT~1500RT)

◎ Warm water lithium bromide absorption chiller (30RT~1200RT)

◎ Modular lithium bromide absorption chiller/heater (20RT~80RT)

[Heat source]

◎ Vacuum boiler (80000~240000 kcal)

[Air conditioning terminal]

◎ Combined air handler (3000m3/h~130000 m3/h)

◎ Cabinet type air handler (1000m3/h~80000 m3/h)

◎ Fan coil (260m3/h~1950 m3/h)

[Cooling tower]

◎ Angle type cross flow cooling tower (60 m3/h~720 m3/h) (standard type)

◎ Round counter flow cooling tower (25 m3/h~165 m3/h)

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