Engineering solution of dehumidification, humidification and drying

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Engineering solution for dehumidification and drying

There are several options:

1. If the constant temperature and humidity system is a combined unit, it usually has fresh air cooling and runner dehumidification sections. When the treated air is cleaned by the fresh air filter, it contacts the surface of the surface cooler at the cold section of the fresh air meter. Since the surface temperature of the fresh air meter cooler is lower than the air temperature, the air is cooled and the temperature is reduced; At the same time, the water in the air becomes condensed water and is discharged by the condensate pipe. The temperature and water content of the air are reduced; After that, the runner is used for adsorption and dehumidification to meet the requirements of low humidity; Finally, all air will be controlled by the rear surface cooler or heater, and the process air with temperature and humidity meeting the requirements will be sent out by the blower.
2. Principle of cooling and dehumidification: as the water content in the air is different under different temperatures and energies, the water content in the air decreases with the decrease of air temperature. When the outdoor air passes through the fresh air meter cooler, the air is cooled by the surface cooling coil. As the temperature of the air decreases, the water vapor in the air gradually condenses and reaches the saturation state. When the dew point of the air continues to decrease, the water vapor in the air becomes condensed water and separates out, so the absolute water content in the air is reduced, and the air realizes the dehumidification process.

3. Dehumidification principle of adsorption runner: the dehumidification runner is divided into treatment area and regeneration area by the sealing system inside the dehumidification section. The dehumidification runner rotates slowly at the speed of 8-10 rpm to ensure that the whole dehumidification process is a continuous process. When the treated air passes through the treatment area of the runner, the water vapor is absorbed by the moisture absorption medium in the runner, and the water vapor changes phase at the same time, releasing latent heat. The runner also tends to be saturated due to the moisture absorption; At this time, the treated air becomes dry and hot due to its moisture reduction and latent heat release. At the same time, in the regeneration area, the other air passes through the regeneration heater first, then becomes high-temperature air (generally 100-140 degrees) and passes through the saturated runner after moisture absorption, so that the absorbed water in the runner evaporates, thus restoring the dehumidification capacity of the runner; At the same time, the regeneration air becomes wet air due to the evaporation of water; After that, the wet air is discharged to the outside through the regeneration fan. As a rotary adsorption dehumidifier, its main core component is the dehumidifier runner. The runner is composed of glass fiber and heat-resistant ceramic materials as the internal support carrier of the runner and special effective moisture absorption medium materials (such as efficient silica gel). In this way, the high efficiency moisture absorbent and the special honeycomb structure of the runner not only ensure the huge surface area of the runner in contact with the air, but also improve the moisture absorption efficiency of the runner and increase the moisture absorption capacity; The runner can be cleaned by gas purging to remove some mechanical pollutants on the surface of the runner, such as dust, oil, etc.

4. Advantages of combined dehumidification: under the condition of high temperature and humidity in summer, the humidity load is the largest: at this time, the humidity load is simultaneously borne by two processing sections. First, give full play to the characteristics of high dehumidification efficiency and large dehumidification capacity of fresh air surface cooler under high temperature and humidity conditions, remove most of the moisture in the air, and reduce the air temperature; When the refrigeration dehumidification efficiency drops, the air humidity will be dehumidified by the runner to meet the low humidity control requirements; In this way, the system makes full use of the advantages of the two dehumidification methods. In other seasons, such as spring and autumn, as the wet load decreases, the air temperature after pre cooling is controlled through the energy regulation of the refrigeration system, and the wet load is completely borne by the dehumidification runner section. The purpose of system aftercooling and heating is to precisely control the air supply temperature.

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