Solution of large cold storage and quick freezing storage in cold chain production base

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Solution for large cold storage and quick freezing warehouse of cold chain production base: solution for large cold storage and quick freezing warehouse of food and vegetable freezing processing base。

[Scope of Application]:

1. Deep freezing and refrigeration plant for agricultural products

2. Circulation and logistics warehouse of frozen and fresh food

3. Food quick freezing processing plant

4. Chicken, duck, goose, beef and mutton slaughtering and processing plant

5. Quick freezing processing of seafood and aquatic products

6. Controlled atmosphere storage for fruits and vegetables

7. Processing and storage of milk, fruit juice and other beverages.


A: In the process of food freezing and cold storage, the environmental temperature and humidity control in the pretreatment and post-treatment process, the air thawing in the thawing process, and the solution of hydrolysis freezing.

B: Provide all solutions for food cooling and freezing (except liquid freezing).

C: Provide solutions for food freezing and cold storage processing plants, plant processes, structures, thermal insulation, electrical control, production and domestic water.

D: It can provide users with the plant process layout scheme that meets the requirements of commodity inspection.


◎ Freezing: 50Kg to 1000t.

◎ Refrigeration: 2 tons to 10,000 tons

[Refrigeration system]

◎ Compression form: piston type, screw type, semi enclosed, fully enclosed.

◎ Cooling mode: air cooling, water cooling, refrigerant carrier, etc.

◎ Freezing mode: shelf, refrigerant, air cooling, plate quick freezer, fast continuous freezing, etc.

◎ Evaporation form: exhaust pipe, air cooler, plate heat exchanger, shell and tube heat exchanger.

◎ System: direct cooling, indirect cooling.

◎ Liquid supply mode: ammonia fluoride pump, direct liquid supply and gravity liquid supply.

Thermal insulation form

◎ Polyurethane warehouse board, extruded board, polystyrene board, polyurethane foam on site.

[Control Method]

◎ Full automatic control, manual control and semi-automatic control.

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