Dalian Ruixue Refrigerator LG Screw Refrigerator Unit

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Ammonia screw compressor

Freon screw compressor

Explosion proof screw compressor

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Screw refrigeration compressor has the following advantages:

(1) Small volume, light weight, simple structure, few parts, the number of parts is only 1/2~1/3 of the piston refrigeration compressor. This saves materials, occupies a small area and is easy to organize production.

(2) High speed, screw refrigeration compressor has no suction and exhaust valves, and it relies on a pair of rotors to rotate compressed gas. The rotating speed is generally 1500-3000 rpm, and 4400 rpm for small screw refrigeration compressor. For the same refrigeration capacity, the spiral compressor is smaller and lighter than the piston compressor.

(3) The number of wearing parts is small, making maintenance convenient. It is equipped with the indispensable suction and discharge valves, piston rings, cylinder liners and other wearing parts of the piston refrigeration compressor.

(4) Stable operation and low vibration. The screw type refrigeration compressor relies on a pair of mutually engaged rotors to continuously rotate; The piston refrigeration compressor relies on the reciprocating motion of the piston, so the screw refrigeration compressor unit has no special requirements on the foundation, which is smaller than the piston refrigeration compressor unit.

(5) Large single machine capacity. The refrigeration capacity of a single machine is from thousands of kcal/h to millions of kcal/h. It is convenient for users to choose.

(6) The single-stage pressure ratio is large. It can be used at a lower evaporation temperature, generally 40 ℃ can be used for R717 and R22.

(7) The exhaust temperature is low, and it can work under high compression ratio. Under the same working conditions, the exhaust temperature of screw refrigeration compressor is lower than that of piston refrigeration compressor, generally not higher than 100 ℃.

(8) Not sensitive to wet stroke.

(9) Refrigerating capacity can be adjusted steplessly from 10% to 100%.

(10) It is easy to operate and realize automatic control.

In recent years, it has also been widely used in various types of high and low temperature equipment (110 ℃ to - 90 ℃) and other process equipment and devices related to refrigerants such as ammonia and fluorine in the refrigeration and air conditioning industries.


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